Industry Lead Body

ILB Introduction

Malaysia Steel Institute (MSI) has been appointed as an Industry Lead Body (ILB) for the Iron and Steel Sector by the Ministry of Human Resources (KSM) since 2015 until to-date to perform the tasks based on the needs of JPK.

Roles and Responsibilities of MSI as an ILB are as follows:

  • to perform job analysis according to the Iron and Steel sector and its sub-sector;
  • to develop new National Occupational Skills Standards [NOSS(s)] and reviewing existing NOSS(s) for the Iron and Steel sector and its sub-sector as well as obtaining approval from the National Skills Development Council (MPKK) on the NOSS(s) developed;

More detail information on NOSS:

  • to develop the National Dual Training System (SLDN) curriculum for the Iron and Steel Sector. SLDN is an industry-oriented training program that combines workplace and institutional training so that the workers are trained and enhanced their competency in the elements, such as: technical, social & humanitarian and methodology & learning.

More detail information on SLDN:

  • to promote and obtain company participation in SLDN and Prior Achievement Recognition (PPT) programs; and

More detail information on PPT:

  • to conduct research to identify supply vs demand, emerging technologies, as well as job creation and job enrichment opportunities;