MSI Functions

MSI’s functions related to the iron and steel industry include:

1) Facilitate and provide inputs to support Government in policy formulation

2) Facilitate research and development (R&D)

3) Facilitate the development of standards in consultation with the relevant government agencies and the iron and steel industry

4) Plan and facilitate human capital development

5) Develop a comprehensive iron and steel industrial database

6) Provide value-added services for iron and steel industry such as facilitate the implementation of mandatory standards

7) Assist in mediating iron and steel industry related issues

8) Provide advisory services on trade remedy matters


Key research and development (R&D) focus areas include technology, knowledge, productivity and market research for the steel industry. These areas are inter-related, where technology helps drive greater productivity to enhance industry competitiveness in the global market place. Green and energy efficient manufacturing technologies are key drivers to increase cost competitiveness to be on par with global players.

For any enquiries on this area, please contact:

Ms Juliana Ahmad

T: 03-6208 4655


On standards and new technology MSI undertakes to:

  • promote the use of standards in the iron and steel industries, that will ensure only quality products are produced and used in order to safeguard public safety, and to move the industry up value chain;
  • assist the iron and steel industry in the standards development activities; and
  • facilitate a conducive environment for development of the iron and steel industry in Malaysia.

For any enquiries on this area, please contact:

Ms Tracy Lee Hooi Lan

T: 03-6208 4654


Trade Practices is primarily responsible for providing professional advisory services to the members of Malaysia Steel Institute (MSI) and other interested parties on trade remedies (antidumping, subsidies and safeguards) and to assist and enable them to grow and thrive against unfair price competition or sudden increase in imports causing injury to the domestic industry.


For any enquiries on this area, please contact:

Mr Subash Bose Pillai

T: 03-6208 4653


Industry Relations and Liaison takes on the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and facilitate public-private sector contribution towards corporate social responsibility (CSR);
  • Act as liaison for members of MSI and handle/manage memberships matters;
  • Handle/manage corporate communication matters;
  • Disseminate information and news through:
    • monthly newsflash “the Steel Board”;
    • biannually newsletter “The Steel Advocate”;
    • media releases; and
    • broadcast festivity greetings.
  • Secretariat for:
    • Malaysia Steel Council (MSC) Meetings – chaired by YBM II MITI;
    • Technical Committee of the Malaysia Steel Council (TC-MSC) Meetings – chaired by Secretary General MITI; and
    • Mineral-Based Sectorial Technical Committee (STC) Meetings – under HRDF.


For any enquiry on this area, please contact:

Ms Marlyn Juliana Omar

T: 03-6208 4656


MSI has been appointed as the Industry Lead Body (ILB) for the iron & steel sector in 2015 by the Ministry of Human Resources. Our roles include:

  • undertaking  Occupational Analysis (OA) for the iron & steel industry;
  • developing new and improve existing National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) in meeting the industry needs;
  • encouraging more industry experts to participate in NOSS development and Recognition of Prior Achievement programmes; and
  • updating the industry with new developments and programmes on skill curriculum.

MSI is currently working on proposals in developing the  new National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) and reviewing existing NOSS for the iron & steel industry. Continuous studies are also being undertaken in identifying the workforce supply vs. demand, emerging technologies, job creation and enrichment. In future, we plan to develop more relevant NOSS and promote companies’ participation in the Recognition of Prior Achievement programme.

For any enquiries on this area, please contact:

Mr Lai Leong Chon

T: 03-6208 4658