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In , Richard Trenholm promises an “epic, explosive and emotional farewell to the longest-serving 007.” The next installment in the franchise will be the 25th fifth and final starring Daniel Craig as the British secret agent.  No Time to Die finally has its worldwide premiere Thursday after being delayed for more than a year and a half. James Bond fans can now rejoice. It has been assigned the nickname ‘the pencil tower’ thanks to its slender structure.

Officially the world’s tallest residential skyscraper, it is a staggering 472 metres (1,549ft) in height. One World Trade Center is still the Big Apple’s tallest skyscraper, solely because of its spire, but Central Park Tower has a higher roof level. Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture and Adamson Associates are behind the 95-storey colossus. As for the interior, a seven-storey Nordstrom department store sits at the base of the tower, while a hotel and condos fill the upper levels  Eighth-place has been awarded to Central Park Tower in New York City.

Calgary’s silver medal winner Telus Sky, pictured, is named after its tenant, the Canadian telecommunications company ‘Telus Communications’. ‘Telus Sky stands out because of its extraordinary structure and facade – it has a rectangular base and with rising height the floor plates gradually reduce in size, creating small terraces and balconies,’ Emporis explained. Canadian artist Douglas Coupland has designed a multicoloured LED lighting installation for the building, which illuminates the exterior as night falls  Bjarke Ingels Group combined forces with fellow architectural firm Dialog in designing the award-winning structure, which is a whopping 222 metres (728ft) in height and boasts 59 floors.

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