What we liked and didn’t like: I wasn’t totally bowled over with the overall selection of flowers from FTD — the arrangements seemed a bit boring — but I was impressed with how many bouquets and flowers they had available for same-day and next-day delivery. There are as many as 48 bouquets you can order and have delivered within 24 hours, so it’s an ideal flower delivery option for any last-minute Larrys.  Mr Hazzard said he believes there is a ‘fairly good chance’ the decision on a new premier will be resolved before Tuesday’s party room meeting, but both Mr Stokes and Mr Perrottet would do a ‘first class job’.

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Insider tip: In an admittedly unscientific experiment, we found that Bouqs’ flowers last a lot longer if you don’t use the vase that comes with them, which is made from powder-coated metal. In the Bouqs’ vase, flowers lasted about three days before they started to wilt — versus about a week in a glass vase. We considered things such as the overall flower type, ordering process, delivery fee, tracking, and how the blooms looked, smelled and held up over time after arriving. While we didn’t have a chance to try every flower delivery service, we’ve noted the ones we did try and what we liked or didn’t like about them.

We included our pick for specific types too such as the best flower delivery for last-minute, best flower subscription, best flower delivery for fast shipping and the best online flower shop for modern bouquets. How we test the best flower delivery services In an effort to make online bouquet buying a breeze, we’ve tested a few of the most popular flower delivery services to weed out the duds and help you find the perfect gift for whoever you think deserves a bushel of blooms (even if that’s you!).

Things like adding a note were not very intuitive, and when I tried to track my order, there was almost no information available.