With a cast assembled over several films, the expanded 2 hour, 43 minute runtime gives it an almost television-like expansion of focus to other characters. Purists may be unhappy, but there’s a frisson that feels almost transgressive to explore the interior worlds of other characters in the 007-verse. As Bond gets tangled up in plots and counterplots, there are times when everybody packs such a punch that you might wonder why Bond is even there — on occasion he’s left literally running around looking for someone to rescue.

And after 15 years Craig is the heavyweight anchor around which the chaos and carnage revolve. It’s still a thrill to see him in full black tie casually vaulting a bar and pouring a couple of liveners while a shootout continues around him, downing a drink and going back to mowing down bad guys with a signature swagger. In previous Bond movies, bulletproof glass is just another cheeky little optional extra for a gimmick-packed chase scene, as bullets bounce off harmlessly and Bond zooms away for a well-earned vodka martini.

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No Time To Die landed in UK theaters Thursday, with the US release date happening Oct. It’s the 25th official 007 movie, bringing Daniel Craig’s 15-year tenure as James Bond to an end. Meredith pointed out that it would be the first time that she had seen Jen in a while. Mary asked her if she was going to the casino night fundraiser. Meredith went over to visit with Mary Cosby, 48. Her face was very red because she said she had just had a vampire facial.

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