Professor Noorsaadah Abd. Rahman, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation), University of Malaya.

Professor Noorsaadah Abd. Rahman was appointed the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation) of University of Malaya in August 2015. Prior to  this, Professor Noorsaadah served as the Director for the UM Institute of Research Management and Monitoring (IPPP), a position she held since January 2009.  While at IPPP, Prof Noorsaadah and her team were responsible in coordinating the research activities of the university.

Prof Noorsaadah’s career in UM began in 1990 as a lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, University of Malaya.  Her areas of research interest are in organic synthesis and reaction methodology, drug design and also in management of organic pollutants in the environment.  She is still an active researcher, heading her own research group in drug design and development research.  She is also involved in several international research collaborative programs such as being the Malaysian coordinator for the Cutting-Edge Organic Chemistry program involving 8 countries in the Asian region as well as being the co-principal investigator for UM in the Newton Funded collaborative project with the University of Manchester.  In addition, as a member of the Malaysian Academy of Science, she strongly support the advancement in science education and is very much involve in promoting the standard of chemistry education in Malaysia through the International Chemistry Olympiad Program for Malaysia.  In 2016, she was accorded the Top Research Scientist Award by the Malaysian Academy of Science.