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Anti-dumping duties on steel concrete from S’pore, Turkey

Source: The Star, 23.01.2020



Miti imposes anti-dumping duties on S’pore, Turkey’s rebars

Source: The Edge Financial Daily, 23.01.2020


Malaysia – China trade sets new record in 2019

Source: The Edge Financial Daily, 21.01.2020


Worst over for steel players for now, but long-term trend less clear

Source: The Edge Markets, 13.01.2020





DCM pays courtesy call on Miti

Source: New Sarawak Tribune, 10.12.2019

Local steel consolidation begins to take shape

Source: The Star Business, 12.10.2019


Analysts cautious on Ann Joo’s outlook despite JV with Southern Steel

Source:, 09.10.2019



MITI imposes provisional anti-dumping duties on rebar products, continues probe

Source: Bernama, 24.09.2019


MITI finds sufficient evidence in anti-dumping probe on rebar

Source: Bernama, 23.09.2019

India wants to be global steel hub

Source:, 22.09.2019


Steelmakers struggle as layoffs and idlings return: ‘U.S. Steel’s got some real problems’

Source:, 22.09.2019


Up to 20.09% duties imposed


Weak steel demand, semis imports pressure Asia scrap

Source: argusmedia, 18.09.2019


Malaysia should halt premature deindustrialisation

Source: NST, 18.09.2019

MITI completes preliminary anti-dumping probe on CRC from 4 countries

Source: Bernama, 27.08.2019


Challenging near-term outlook for building materials sector

Source: Sunbiz, 15.08.2019

ECRL Relaunch on July 25

Source: NST, 09.07.2019

Building permit approval period shortened to 90 days


Ong Kian Ming: Government listens to request, help the metal recycling

Source: Nanyang Siang Pau, 01.07.2019


THB signs deal for Bursa listing

Source: NST, 15.05.2019


New power tariff to depend on commission’s next review

Source: NST, 15.05.2019


Rundingan kurangkan kos ECRL

Source: Berita Harian, 10.05.2019


MMC, Gamuda kemuka cadangan alternatif MRT3

Source: Berita Harian, 10.05.2019


MITI revises anti-dumping duties

Source: The Star, 09.05.2019



MITI investigating rebar dumping from Singapore and Turkey

Source: Bernama, 26.04.2019


Renegotiated ECRL offers plenty of opportunities to local contractors

Source: Bernama, 19.04.2019

Policies that encourage imports need changing: PM

Source: Bernama, 16.04.2019


Steel Industry Heating Up Again?

Source: The Edge, 02.03.2019

Lion Industry to sell stake in Angkasa Amsteel

Source: Sunbiz, 07.01.2019

ECRL may be downsized, says Tun M

Source:The Edge Markets, 02.01.2019


MISIF: Increases in electricity cost working against the steel industry

Source: Borneo Post Online, 27.12.2018



CRC players losing patience with government inaction

Source: The Edge, 29.10.2018

Steel industry needs more time to move up value chain

Source: The Star, 28.09.2018

MISIF: Steel demand to slow down this year

Source: The Sun Daily, 28.09.2018

Dumping of steel products may worsen, says MITI

Source: The Star, 28.09.2018

Local steelmakers need more clarity on government policy

Source: The Edge, 28.09.2018

Outlook bleak for EAF in ASEAN as induction furnace capacity increases

Source: World Steel News, 19.09.2018

FMM: Limited ECRL Fallout

Source: NST, 24.08.2018

CIMB Research: Fewer mega rail jobs in 2019

Source: The Star, 24.08.2018

CSC Steel Holdings – 1HFY18 Net Profit Falls 32% YoY

Source: AmInvest Research, 20.08.2018

More headwinds for Malaysian steel sector

Source: The Star, 14.08.2018

Local Steel companies lost RM2b in market value on trade concerns

Source: The Malaysian Reserve, 08.08.2018

Steel manufacturers in a tight spot

Source: The Edge, 08.08.2018

CSC Steel may benefit from new probe

Source: The Star, 27.07.2018

Anti-dumping probe on galvanised iron imports from China, Vietnam Launched

Source: The Edge, 26.07.2018

Source: NST, 02.07.2018

Court dismisses challenge to steel safeguard duty

Source: The Edge Financial Daily, 28.06.2018

Teruskan projek ECRL redakan kebimbangan dalam sektor pembinaan

Source: Utusan, 27.06.2018

ECRL project cancellation to have neutral impact

Source: NST, 14.06.2018

CSC Steel`s 1QFY18 profit down 36percent on higher input of HRC

Source: The Malaysian Reserve, 05.06.2018

Need to review trade policy and treaties

Source: The Star, 05.06.2018


U.S. Goes Ahead With Steel, Aluminum Tariffs on E.U., Canada, Mexico

Source: MetalMiner, 01.06.2018

Skala projek ECRL mungkin dikecilkan

Source: Berita Harian, 30.05.2018

Syarikat Pembinaan Bimbang Semakan Semula Projek Mega

Source: Berita Harian, 22.05.2018

Mega project to create 7,000 employment opportunities

Source: New Straits Time, 3.05.2018

Rollout of big projects to drive steel industry in 2018

Source: The Star, 23.04.2018

HSSI menang kontrak MRT Corp RM290j

Source: Utusan Malaysia, 13.04.2018

6 Consortiums Show Interest

Source: New Straits Times, 12.04.2018

ECRL likely to be next catalyst for top construction stocks

Source: New Straits Times, Pg B2, 10.04.2018

Major coup for MRCB-Gamuda, YTL-TH Properties

Source: The Edge Markets, 06.04.2018

Malaysian, US officials to negotiate solar panel tariff this month, says Mustapa

Source: The Edge Markets, 05.04.2018

ECRL hanya libatkan 18% pekerja binaan dari China

Source: Utusan Malaysia Pg.18, 06.04.2018

Rehda: No Housing Glut

Source: NST Pg.B4, 05.04.2018

Hiap Teck to pare stake in Eastern Steel, eyes ops resumption

Source: The Edge Markets, 04.04.2018


US plan for China tariffs has minimal impact on Malaysia, says minister

Source: The Malaysia Mail Online, 22.03.2018


Malaysia to monitor US tariff impact

Source: New Straits Times, 13.03.2018


MRT effect on property prices

Source: Focus Malaysia, 30.12.2017-05.01.2018 (PG P.I-P.VII)

Battleground for world HSR players

Source: Focus Malaysia, 23.12.2017-29.12.2017 (PG 10-12)

Steel still going strong

Source: Focus Malaysia, 20.01.2018-26.01.2018 (PG 17-18)


Key year for steel industry integration

Source: The Busy Weekly, 8.01.2018 (PG ZH1,ZH13TOZH15)

Good prospects ahead for steel

Source: The edge, 2.01.2018 (PG 8)

Anak syarikat HEB dapat kontrak kawal selia projek ECRL

Source: Berita Harian, 29.12.2017 (PG 32)

Tarif elektrik kekal hingga akhir 2020

Source: Utusan Malaysia, 27.12.2017 (PG 1)

Tender AssetsCo HSR KL-Singapura dibuka

Source: Utusan Malaysia, 21.12.2017 (PG 15)

AssetsCo buka tender projek HSR KL-SIngapura

Source: Berita Harian, 21.12.2017 (PG 27)

TNB sees no hike in base tariff for the peninsula

Source: The Star, 19.12.2017 (PG B3)

Harga gas lebih tinggi tahun depan

Source: Utusan Malaysia, 30.11.2017 (PG 18)

Malaysia train line part of mega S-E Asian network

Source: The Star, 8.11.2017 (PG 4)

MBAM jangka peningkatan dalam dua tahun akan datang ekoran bajet 2018: Projek pembinaan Rm350b

Source: Utusan Malaysia, 3.11.2017 (PG 18)

Chua: Steel industry still vital to the country

Source: The Star, 27.10.2017 (PG B4)

Steel companies ask for more tax incentives

Source: The Star, 25.10.2017 (PG B3)

Steel output in China sinks to lowest level in six months

Source: The Star (Starbiz), 20.10.2017 (PG 7)

ECRL: Qualified sub-contractors can participate in pre-qualification exercise

Source: The Star (Starbiz), 17.10.2017 (PG 5)

ECRL seeks to tap local subcontractors via roadshow

Source: NST, 17.10.2017 (PG B16)

ECRL likely to be next catalyst for top construction stocks

Source: NST, 10.10.2017 (PG B2)

Pembinaan catat pertumbuhan

Source: Utusan Malaysia, 10.10.2017 (PG 16)

MIDF Research: Valuation of Construction Index set to rise

Source: NST, 26.09.2017 (PG B6)

Prasarana ketuai projek RTS Link JB-Singapura

Source: Utusan Malaysia, 26.09.2017 (PG 16)

Antara Steel’s RM300mil sukuk rated AAAIS (fg)

Source: The Star, 26.09.2017 (PG B4)

Bajet: CIDB mahu lebih insentif untuk IBS

Source: Utusan Malaysia, 15.09.2017 (PG B2)

Rehda tells govts, local councils to cooperate on affordable housing

Source: The Star, 14.07.2017 (PG B2)

Foreign consortiums to tender for HSR project

Source: The Star, 21.06.2017 (PG B2)

Largest IBS Plant

Source: NST, 16.05.2017 (page B6)

Construction of second phase of Forest City project to start this month

Source: The Star, 02.05.2017 (page B3)

Bandar Malaysia, a catalyst for economic growth

Source: The Star, 02.05.2017 (page B3)

Engtex secures Rm50mil pipe supply contract

Source: The Star, 28.04.2017 (page B3)

Usaha pertahan industri keluli muktamad

Source: Utusan Malaysia, 18.04.2017 (page 16)

New duties will not hurt builders and contractors, says Johari

Source:New Straits Times, 17.04.2017 (page B3)

MITI to impose safeguard duties

Source:The Star, 14.04.2017 (page B4)

Steel stocks fall ahead of govt decision on safeguard duties

Source:The Star, 28.03.2017 (page B3)

Chinese investors to bring in whopping RM434bil

Source:The Star, 08.03.2017 (page 14)

RM4.8b China investments approved

Source: NST, 08.03.2017 (page 10)

33 projek modal China jana 10,147 peluang pekerjaan

Source:Berita Harian, 08.03.2017 (page B2)

China’s Steel Exports Continue to Slump in January

Source: China Daily, 24.02.2017

Affordable Housing The Key

Source: New Straits Times, 17.2.2017

RM40m sales target for MyRumah showcase

Source: New Straits Times, 17.2.2017

Tiga syarikat ditawar kontrak JDP

Source: Berita Harian, 17.2.2017

Why rally in steel stocks is far from over

Source: The Edge Markets, 13.2.2017

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Take advantage of govt mega projects, steel players told

Source: The Edge Markets, 9.12.2016


Malaysia says existing Myanmar workers not affected by suspension

Source: The Edge Markets, 9.12.2016


MSI optimis pacu industri besi, keluli tempatan

Source: Utusan, 9.12.2016


Malaysia anggap TPPA diteruskan

Source: Utusanbiz, 22.11.2016


Govt to help steel players consolidate

Source: New Straits Times, 23.11.2016


Ong: Consolidate will create stronger steel players – Starbiz

Source: Starbiz, 23.11.2016


林耕尧:数量减40% 钢铁公司将整合转型

(Lin Gengyao: 40% reduction in the number of steel companies will integrate the transformation)

Source: Nanyang Siang Pau, 23.11.2016