Datuk Talagavathi A/P R. Karapayah, Chairman of MSI

Datuk K. Talagavathi is currently the Deputy Secretary General in Industry division at the Ministry of Industry and International Trade Malaysia (MITI). Datuk Talaga is a talented and seasoned government officer with over 30 years of experience in International and Domestic Trade. She brings a wealth of expertise with particular strengths in areas such as Domestic Trade, Investment Policy and Trade Facilitation, Multilateral Trade Policy and Negotiations, Trade Practices and Sectoral Policy.

In addition to her career in government sector, Datuk Talaga serves in several advisory boards and boards of directors. Aside from serving as Deputy Secretary General (Industry) in MITI, she also holds board membership positions including in Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI), Malaysia Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT), Malaysia Steel Institute (MSI), Department of Standard Malaysia (DSM), Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) and Pahang State Development Corporation (PKNP).

Over the past sixteen years in MITI, Datuk Talaga has received several awards and recognitions including ‘Excellent Service Award’ in 2005 and 2010. Datuk Talaga also received the ‘Darjah Johan Negeri (DJN), Penang for her excellence services in 2012 and another recognition award ‘Darjah Kebesaran Johan Mangku Negara (J.M.N) in 2017.

Datuk K. Talagavathi holds a Bachelors of Arts (Hons), Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administrations and a Master’s degree in Economics from University of Malaya.