Datuk N. Rajendran, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)

Datuk N. Rajendran is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), the first point of contact for investors who want to take advantage of Malaysia’s vibrant economy, world class infrastructure and business friendly environment to set up their profit centre in Malaysia.

During his 34 years of service in MIDA, Datuk Rajendran spent a significant amount of time promoting foreign and domestic investments in the manufacturing and services sector. Starting out in MIDA’s Regional Affairs and subsequently the Tariff Division, Datuk Rajendran went on to serve in three different MIDA offices overseas – namely MIDA Cologne, MIDA Milan and MIDA Tokyo. This has indirectly equipped Datuk Rajendran with the skills and expertise to engage effectively with foreign investors, particularly those from Europe and Japan to choose Malaysia as their investment destination.

Upon returning back to MIDA HQ in 2010, Datuk Rajendran went on to assume the position of Director in the Foreign Investment Promotion, Asia/ Oceania Zone Division. This enabled MIDA to leverage on his familiarity with international engagements with both foreign investors and related-government institutions. His distinguished contributions in these capacities have led to his appointment as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of MIDA on 1 July 2014.

Due to MIDA’s core function as an investment promotion agency, Datuk Rajendran has regular engagements, not only with the business community but the media as well. During these exchanges, Datuk Rajendran’s passion in attracting investments to Malaysia shines through as he enthusiastically shares Malaysia’s comparative and competitive advantages as well as potential business opportunities.

Datuk Rajendran positions MIDA for future competitiveness by supporting the CEO’s strategy to develop new business models that will enhance MIDA’s core business activities and visibility, strengthening strategic planning and policy advocacy with an emphasis on the ecosystem approach. A specialist in problem solving and having a distinct flair for negotiations, Datuk Rajendran’s role is crucial in times of managing conflict and reaching for win-win outcomes.

In recognition of his significant contributions in investment promotion for Malaysia, Datuk Rajendran was awarded the Darjah Pangkuan Seri Melaka (D.P.S.M) in 2014.

Born in 1957, Datuk Rajendran holds a degree in Economics from the University Malaya and a degree in Laws, L.L.B. (Hons) from the University of London.