List of Studies

List of studies conducted by MSI:

1.Malaysia Country Reports for Iron & Steel Sector

2.ASEAN Report for Iron & Steel Sector

3.World Report for Iron & Steel Sector

4.Iron and Steel Consolidation Report

5.Proposal for Consolidation Incentives for Iron and Steel Industry

6.Iron and Steel Consolidation Final Report – Impact Study

7.Study on The Price Mechanism of The Iron & Steel Products- Impacting The Property Prices in Malaysia

8.The Domestic Iron & Steel Scrap Consumption

9.Study on the Gas and Electric Tariff Hike on the Steel Sector

10.Study on Safety Operation of Induction Furnace for Steel Making


List of data monitored by MSI:

1.Weekly price of steel products in Malaysian market

2.Weekly price of raw materials (scrap and iron ore) for steelmaking

3.Monthly price of safeguard items in Malaysia

4.Quarterly production of crude steel in Malaysia

5.Import / export data for the steel sector